Libra babies astrology

A typical representative of the air sign — Libra is too hesitant.

He thinks and thinks a lot, doubts in almost every step he takes. Too obliging and accommodating boy can forget about his own interests. He tries so hard to establish relations with the surrounding people, which is completely lost and does not know how to do it better: to defend his opinion or please a loved one.

Parents should teach their son to make quick decisions without too much hesitation. It is necessary to maintain in it a sense of self-reliance. Otherwise, tired of thinking and doubt, Libra will behave irresponsibly.

Libra Boys

A mild by nature a boy can become a lazy and unemotional person. The balance is too susceptible to extraneous influences.

He does not know how to defend his opinion, he often listens to the words of people around him. In rare cases, he can insist on his own, in his arsenal, the following tools: flattery, persuasion, cunning.

How to Raise Your Libra Kid

Too exalted and refined young man does not recognize violence, will not openly conflict, especially will not fight. In the education of the boy Libra should exercise reasonable rigidity. A cute baby causes affection, a desire to caress.

The Libra Child - Characteristics of Libra Children

Calm child does not give cause for concern, he flawlessly performs all the actions necessary for his age: sleeps well, eats with appetite, plays calmly. Too affable child does not know how to assert his desires, it is easier for him to fulfill any requirements.

Children & Astrology: The Libra Child

Parents should educate in him will power, ability to resist difficulties. It is necessary to refuse as often as possible the son of requests, to provoke active actions. In school years the boy Libra enjoys spending time among classmates. He likes the atmosphere of carefree and fun that is characteristic of this period of life.

He does not seek to become a universally recognized favorite, with pleasure supports the ideas of the class leader.

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The schoolboy shows his abilities in the humanities, the sphere of art is of great interest. He tries to establish good relations with teachers, often gets overrated. In adolescence, a young man is exposed to stress.

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A sensitive, overly suspicious guy can barely cope with psychological stress. Parents should allow their son to rest as often as possible. Excessive nervousness can lead to the fact that the boy will completely move away from close people.

The Libra Child - Characteristics of Libra Children | Futurescopes

Above all interests he will put his own calm. Parents should surround their son with love and care, do not bring the situation to the extreme. In the process of raising a boy Libra parents are encouraged to show a strong willpower. The son seems so fragile and naive that I want to constantly protect and protect him.

Libra September 23rd — October 22nd Libra children are known for their indecisiveness and are always determined to weigh up all the options. Librans are good at weighing up both arguments to help come to the right resolution. Generous to a fault, Libran children will give away their last snack or hand over their toys to the point where they could be left with nothing.

Being on time is a problem for Librans, often lacking urgency or understanding any need to be on time. Early warnings and plenty of time to get ready is important if you want to get where you need to be when you need to be there.