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Try not to be a 'responsibility magnet' as you could feel inclined to put too much emphasis on too many obligations. In Chinese astrology, the Snake and the Pig are situated opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. Avoid: Snake, Monkey. With a huge depth of compassion, Pisces is a selfless sign and can be a devoted partner.

Learn more about March 15 birthday astrology. Aenigmachanna mahabali, a new species of troglophilic snakehead is described on the basis of a single specimen recovered from a well in Kerala, India, over km south of the type locality for the only known species in the genus. Happy full Moon, Susan.

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Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming - Finding things can be fun, sometimes mysterious and even abundant. Pisces Daily Horoscope - July 9 Each Chinese zodiac sign from the 12 rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig has a lucky color, and many of them are associated with happiness and the success they are going to have during all 12 months.

Scorpio was the luckiest sign of the zodiac from October 10, - November 8, which greatly improved Pisces luck. Overview for Now, could bring the first significant results or confirmations of the previously started projects.

Therefore, everything in which you put a minimum effort will result in tangible results, sometimes impressive. Whether you are concerned with Snake love, business or general state of mind, we've got you covered.

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Free horoscope and tarot readings for for all the zodiac signs, find out your predictions for love, career and life with our all zodiac forecasts. So let's look at the planets and transits more closely. The health luck is not good, either. Snake Daily Horoscope.

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  7. According to Pisces Horoscope , you may reach greater heights in job and business this year. Weekly Forecast. We will be surfing a New Moon under Pisces. The Scorpio man can be that strong presence in her life, that helps her cope and find traction for her dreams. Career: Snake is Fire and your career is signified by Water which is in turn Pig.

    Stand your ground! You will dedicate your time this month to be a person loved by all. Pregnancy for married couples is not in the picture this month since enjoying romance and love is more important. At the beginning of the month, your family will face some challenges but as the month progresses you will step in and make everything better. Expenses will overburden the family, but your business associates will rescue your financial situation.

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    Libra children will be happy to see you spending time with them whenever possible. They will be disciplined due to the efforts you are making to unite the family predicts the monthly horoscope. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The month of September will be a good when it comes to the health of Libra zodiac sign.

    You mental and emotional health will be superb due to the steps you are taking to see a psychiatrist. At the end of the month, you will be happy to have achieved proper mental and emotional health. Test Now! According to the September horoscope predictions , there is a likelihood that career growth will be minimal this month.

    However, you will invest in other ventures with the help of your business associates who want the best for you. You will struggle to get finance, but your business associates will help you out. The good news is that by the end of the month you will be able to find your footing once again. Sagittariuses can become preoccupied with fears about money, says Graham, and a money tree will help them manifest wealth and abundance.

    A post shared by Nathalie???? Aquariuses move very quickly, so they need something fast-growing, says Graham. Bamboo also helps to ground their energy. Gardenias open up creativity and help Pisces take action on all their creative ideas. She authored a chapter of Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World and frequently discusses gender, sex, body image, and social justice on radio shows and podcasts.

    Whoopi Goldberg cited one of her articles on The View in a debate over whether expressing your desires in bed is a feminist act she thinks it is.

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    About Author. You Might Also Like. Subscribe FabFitFun magazine for free! Connie Sep 02, at pm. Dogs and cats can be killed from some plants. For example, white lilies listed for Virgo are deadly to cats, and very quickly. If publishing anything about plants for households, I would always put a disclaimer up front to research any plants to determine if they are poisonous before bringing them into a household with pets.

    These comments are hilarious???? But this list is completely inaccurate in my opinion, also most of these were flowers not house plants Julie Aug 31, at pm.

    Hahaha I have a money tree! It's the only thing that didnt die at my hands! Kelly Aug 31, at am. A little sad about the Cancer choice. Mercury, planet of communication, tags along, heightening your intuition. Avoid being selfish in love this week, Libra, as the planet of love—your ruling planet—enters self-sufficient Aries.

    Are you ready for romantic commitment? Venus's transit through the love and relationship sector of your chart is a good time to reflect on your love life. As communication planet Mercury travels through the sector of your chart ruling health and routine, you are thinking of inventive ways to simplify your schedule. Venus, planet of harmony, tags along, bringing water cooler conversations at work. You will find great mental stimulation through friendly competition now that Mercury, planet of ideas, is in another competitive fire sign, Aries.

    Challenge a friend to a game! With the planet of beauty, Venus, in Aries as well, you are so charming that it's impossible not to have a good time.

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    This is a busy period for your domestic life, Capricorn, as non-stop planet Mercury travels through the sector of your chart ruling the home. You may be interested in having a home office at this time. Venus, planet of personal values, joins Mercury, putting you in a loyal, nostalgic mood.