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Geminis are known for their gift of gab. The core feeling of Gemini is one of enthusiasm and youthfulness. This, of course, can prove extremely frustrating to potential mates unless they too have a youthful temperament. All is well though, because it is often this Gemini energy that inspires a good deal of the fun that we have. Whereas many of the other signs have comedians in their ranks, the child friendly, word-playing silliness of Gemini is in a class of its own.

Just think of how many comedians used to come in pairs! The youth-orientation of your sign is not so much focused on age as it is on freshness, spontaneity, and forward thinking. You truly have two sides. The element of air rules rational thought. As such, air signs are the thinkers of the Zodiac.

Their ever-active and quick minds rule their everyday life, often causing them to think before they feel.

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At the very heart of astrology— and of Tarot, palmistry, sacred geometry, even ceremonies and rituals — are the 4 elements. These are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. If you think about it, we need these 4 elements, all of them, in order to survive on the planet. We heat and cook and purge with fire. We grow things in the Earth; it is the foundation of our existence, and we return to it when our life has ended.

We need air to breathe. Even our words are given life by our breath when we speak them out loud. This is the reason that we have the Mercury Retrograde phenomena several times a year. Mercury is sometimes called the trickster because of its role in the old mythologies, but is also known as the planet of knowledge and wisdom.

Both of these characteristics are seen in your sign. Freedom is what they love because they are free to change their lifestyle to any way they like. No one can pin down a Gemini, they love their freedom and travel. Traveling, meeting new people, and getting out of their comfort zone is what matters most. You have very specific emotional needs now, yet you might not be able to find the right words to convey them.

Beautiful star-twin! Everyone says that romance is about knowing the timing to walk through the fields in a well-tailored gown and have the light hit you just right, but you know that romance is, in fact, about courage. Courage in the old deep sense means having enough heart. So this year, have heart.

Let that heart pound through your quicksilver words and perilous adventures. For you, Gemini, may well be that breath-stopping opening chapter upon which every other chapter depends. Notice that the best stories begin with risk, and that everyone you trust used to be a stranger. Including you.

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Remember that heroines can be smart and afraid and complicated, and that they can change their minds, but that they always seek joy. February, General You begin February in an idealistic mood as your ruler links with the Sun in Capricorn. Harsh links with Mars and Jupiter at the same time means that others might be less than understanding of your high mindedness.

February will continue in a vein of fuzzy vagueness as your ruler moves into Pisces. You will not cope well with bully boy tactics or people who speak their mind this month, so it is best to avoid these types until you are feeling more resilient.

Career Will gain through the profession by hard work and may receive recognition or award of the some type. Advancement in profession or education and social life is indicated. Possibility of getting new work opportunities but should be careful of opponents and those who are jealous of you who may bring problems. Specially this is a good period for career advancements for those who are passing the Major periods or Sub periods of Jupiter or Rahu. Friendship with good persons, government or employers favour and defeat of enemies, favour from superiors and success.

Finance Gain of wealth but equally high expenses and wastes of money. May even have to borrow to meet expenses and a difficult time to save. Loss through property and conveyance. Increased expenditure, financial stress, gain of wealth but loss thereof. Health A bad period for the parental family or relatives, may cause difficulties to the health of spouse.

May seek seclusion for peace if the circumstances permit. Change of residence is also possible. Using their communicative skills, Geminis adapt to any situation they encounter. However, they must learn to speak with candor instead of simply repeating what others want to hear. Geminis have clever tongues and develop an amazing ability to obscure the facts with stimulating and imaginative chatter.

If your work life or your home life or some other aspect of your life has been bringing you down or stressing you out in recent days, Gemini, you need to start this week with the determination to spend as much time as possible around people who lift you up. That does not mean that you need to be in the constant presence of a cheering gallery. It just means that who you spend your time with can make a significant difference in changing your mood for the better. If you spend your time around negative, hurtful, or angry people, the friction and negative vibes will surely have an effect on you.

But if you spend your time around people who make you laugh, who make you think, and who challenge you intellectually, you will evolve, enjoy, and you will be more likely to see the bright side of life.

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This will also be a great week to explore any new ideas for making money or improving your financial security. That could mean anything from considering a new business to looking into investing what you have. It seems June will be hot. Located in Gemini, Mars will highlight the passionate side of your nature, will intensify your wishes and strengthen your sexuality. Sounds complicated? Love will be everywhere. Open your eyes widely to see it and reach your hand to seize. GEMINI, your luck, from mid to mid, lies in the area of money, earnings, purchases, sensual relationships, memory, rote learning, and surface indications.

Your luck will come from accepting appearances, not from digging deep. The latter can cause delays that cause a good prospect or potential project to wither, even disappear. Nostalgia, antiques, kitchens, restaurants, children, gardens, mother nature — these are lucky for you during this period.

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Your money luck will soar — you might experience a financial event so beneficial it can boost your life for at least a decade, perhaps much longer. This event could be as simple as selling or purchasing your house or another large item, or landing a steady, lucrative job or taking a pension.

Do everything you can to increase your income in an enduring way, rather than accept a one-shot reward. A promotion or raise in pay is better than temporary overtime.

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Buying items to further your career is also beneficial. So is spending to please a sweet person. Mercury, ruler of Gemini and planet of action, is currently in transit through Gemini and it will be until the 20th. Mercury is the planetary messenger and ruler of exchange. He aids in the giving and receiving we do in our everyday exchanges of words and thoughts.

In its own sign of Gemini, even for a short time, Mercury could help you communicate. And Mars is in attendance, giving you an extra push of fire. This is the perfect time for you. If you use that sharp mind and way with words that Geminis are known for you could easily capture the attention of your love interest.


This week will be a good for you, very good if you let it be and find the confidence and power within yourself to speak. Trust Mercury, it is your planet. Also, the new moon will be in Gemini on the 15th which may represent a new start for you emotionally. But the new moon is also known for making us feel lethargic, something to keep in mind.

Also, to read more about the current state of the planets, you can go here, Planetary Influence. Someone has a secret that you would like to know. Not only would you like to know this secret, you have a need and a right to know this secret. The other person, however, may be keeping it from you with good intentions.

He or she may believe that keeping it from you will save your feelings, or prevent you from doing something you should not do.

But you are the master of your fate, and it is your obligation to decide these things for yourself. A candid talk discussing these points should do the trick, Gemini. Take a walk with your dog who wants nothing but your companionship. Take a trip where you speak every desire out loud, and see what happens. Consider how mundane and boring chores make freedom possible later. Value good headphones, a little extra time for big decisions, saying no to other people and yes to yourself.