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Not only is the Mars trine to the Moon-Jupiter-Saturn stellium still in play, but transiting Venus in Cancer then throws her hat in the ring, sextiling natal Mercury from the 1st house. Why is this important? If I was a betting person, this is probably the date I would plump for.

The waning moon date 19 July , on the other hand does look pretty promising, with strong indicators for the conception of a boy.

Not only we do have the Cancer Sun lighting up several pregnancy indicators in the 1st house, including the Part of Life, but we have a positive hit between Uranus 5th and the Part of Sons. My next best conception date. August — Although to me, the beginning of August does also look good from an astrological perspective, it does not fit in terms of current guestimates.

In essence, it would mean that the Duchess was only around 10 weeks when her pregnancy was announced. Still, it is hard ignore. However, this one does not have an Arabic Part in the 5th, nor does the Moon really feature strongly in this chart. So, drum roll! First place goes to: late June, then late July, with runner-up position going to early August. Given all of this analysis, my best guess is that Meghan most likely conceived in late June.

This would have put her at just over 16 weeks when her pregnancy was announced in mid-October, It also means that she would have had her three month scan by that stage tick! Of course, if it is the middle date, then it would fall more clearly into expected time frames of a March-April birth. I thought it time for a bit of a fresh look since my last blog post back in after the royal pregnancy […]. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Pregnancy transits in astrology what rules

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Easy Astrology Techniques for Predicting NEW Beginnings in LIFE. Solar Return, Progression,Transits

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. So without any further ado… Primary Astrological Significators As a rule, no astrologer can really make any predictions until they have first got their bearings around possible key planetary significators.

So, definitely worth keeping an eye on, then! Sudden and Quick Pregnancy Many people have privately commented that the pregnancy announcement seems rather soon, coming just 5 months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. Lunar Phases From an astrological perspective, many people believe that the phases of the Moon also has important implications for when a woman will conceive and when she will give birth.

Can astrology help to narrow this down? This gives us several windows around this period, which are the days on either side of: 19 May 10 June 18 June 10 July 17 July 7 August. However, what does the astrology tell us?

How the Moon and the planets affect our ability to concieve

Can any other supporting transits narrow things down? The transiting Part of Life is also trine natal Neptune in the 5th , which could be another tick. Now, this DOES sound pretty important! The only potential downers are transiting Mars opposing the Part of Life and some challenging aspects from transiting Uranus which could cancel out the positive ones.

Transiting Jupiter in the 4th house is also square to the Part of the Mother — another negative. Best guess royal birth dates. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Patterns are everything. There are more details you can get into using the divisional charts of the parents, especially the Navamsha and Saptamsha. But it is rather technical and beyond the scope of this post. This is from classical astrology from the texts and it always works. Thanks to those Jyotishi-s who have worked and done this research in the past times, so that we can use it today.

The planets have a significant influence on our development right from conception. A human pregnancy lasts for about days. We think of it as 9 months, but more correctly its is about 9 Solar months and 10 exact Lunar months. One Lunar month is for 28days.

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The Lunar month is more important here as menstrual cycle too is linked to the moon. So one human pregnancy is 10 Lunar months of 28 days each. We can use astrology to help a pregnant woman and her baby. We can use our Intentions and the energies of the planets harnessed through their specific mantras. Each planet governs a specific phase of the in-womb development, thus strengthening the planetary influences by reciting their mantras always helps. Now check out the horoscope of the pregnant woman. Check out the following especially, and the other planets too, as each one of them is involved in creating a new human baby.

The sperm and ovum combine to produce the embryo. A time of very high activity in the embryo where the cells are set up in blocks destined to be the new body.

The cells are still fluid in the sense the programming is not yet fixed. The cells are still totipotent, one initial cell can give rise to several types of cells. At least thrice or times everyday. By now the cells of the fetal body have become rigid. The totipotency has been replaced by pleuripotency. The cells destined for the liver cannot re-programme themselves to become the muscle now. Thus rigidity has set in. Shape of the body is discernible. The strength of the body increases, bone and muscle structure begin to form.

A sense of emotional self is initiated. The fetus can now understand its emotions and express them too. This is a critical period in the development as the mind and emotions are taking root. If there are any eclipses during this period be very careful.

(Lilly 7) Examples on pregnancy and children – Tania Daniels

Sixth month of 28 days is now ruled by Saturn. The bones, nerves and supporting frame of the body gets defined, Hair and nails grow out.

This period is also crucial because here the capacity for endurance of the child is being laid down. This will be essential in case of badly placed Saturn in the cart of the mother or the current transiting Saturn being combust, retrograde or debilitated etc.