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Happy janamashtami everyone krishna radhekrishna. Done with my resolution of planting a tree on the independence day, thanks to my friends for their support. Everyone lets make one new hastag on the independence day independencedayresolution for our country in whatever little way you can contribute to the country's prosperity. Guru Purnima is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Rishi Ved Vyas. A lunar eclipse can cause emotional instability or anxiety so try to avoid important decisions around it, especially if it is related to your personal life.

Chanting ketu mantra can help emotional anxieties and Chandra Mantra helps to maintain the emotional balance. Donating milk, sugar, or rice after the eclipse helps too. Stress at the workplace is a major cause of mental and physical ailments, and organisations are increasingly taking steps to help their employees with it.

HSBC gives a lot of attention on mental well-being of their employees and openly encourages conversation about it. Today I visited their office in Hyderabad to take a de-stressing healing session for some of their staff.

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Such an exercise at the workplace and that too in the middle of a work day can help eliminate stress from its root. Thanks HSBC for having me and taking care of your people.

Happy Buddh Poornima to everyone. For followers of Buddh, while all full moon days are auspicious, the most important one is today's full moon in the month of Vaisakh which marks three milestones in his life: birth as Prince Siddharth at Lumbini Grove, enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree and becoming 'Buddh', and Nirvana, i.

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You may benefit from the good vibes of the day by meditating and donating milk. Akshaya means one that never diminishes. May this akshaya tritiya bring you good luck and success which never diminishes. When her divine presence is there no evil can come near. Always feel happy to come to Singapore. Special thanks to shagunji. Happy new year everyone.

Navratri is the time to meditate on the universal life force, shakti. Watch the three part video to know the three main forms of the force and which one you should meditate on to get optimum results. Know how one can deal with emotional problems by balancing the heart chakra which is the seat of emotions.

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Videos of Chanting. Chanting of Ganapathi atharvasheersham. Chanting of mantrapushpam. Chanting of Purusha suktham. Chanting Of Rudram.

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