Virgo march 14 compatibility

Scorpio: You merge and live passionately. Pisces: Will devote their body and soul to you. Cancer: Same emotions, same sensations, you live in harmony. Taurus: Your opposite, Taurus is the second most sexual sign of the zodiac and your perfect lover. Your mutual attraction and your senses are increased tenfold. Virgo: Your mind and your need to control everything are found in them and you complement each other perfectly.

Sabian Symbol

Element: Fire Planet: Jupiter, planet of momentum. You are a double sign, on one hand, the fiery horse is racing and falls in love at first sight. On the other, the archer is much more thoughtful and tends to analyze. You need to breathe, to travel, to escape, to share, to exchange and to communicate. Intellectual compatibility is very important to you and you need to develop projects for two to move forward.

Independent, you cannot stand when someone slows down your energy.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Sagittarius, Leo and Aries: Signs of fire like you. Dynamism and strength of character bring you closer. You always compete to know who will be the strongest. Gemini: Your opposite. They amuse you, take nothing seriously, are sociable and double-sided like you. Aquarius: As independent and free as you, you go hand in hand without smothering each other. Element: Earth Planet: Saturn, temperance. Like any earth sign, you take your time to trust someone. Your mistrust prevents your inner fire from coming out. Yet you dream of the encounter that will change your life.

Being hardly ever satisfied and always asking more, you set the bar extremely high. You are completely and totally devoted, and you insist on receiving the same from your partner. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo: Your conception of love, fidelity and righteousness are the same. You give your body and soul once trust is established. Cancer: Your opposite, completes you, brings you the sensitivity and warmth of your feelings.

You reassure each other. Gemini: Amuses you and forces you out of your nest to express yourself loud and clear. Element: Air Planet: Uranus, electrical energy. The most independent sign of the zodiac, you cannot imagine a relationship that imprisons you. Being altruistic by nature, your love is like a flurry that pushes everything in its path.

You need changes, renewal in the relationship, the passive side scares you. You envision the couple as a supportive team that helps one another. Very easygoing, you let yourself be carried by the movement. Gemini and Libra: Your ease of adaptation, your lightness and your excellent social skills bind you.

Sagittarius: You feel the same independent spirit, with the same need of large-scale projects to advance. Leo: Your opposite. They give you charisma, warmth and the desire to go further. Element: Water Planet: Neptune, planet of intuition. Your vision of love is fusional. You cannot imagine your relationship other than with each of you being totally devoted to the other.

Hypersensitive and dreamy, you lock yourself in your bubble to protect yourself from the conflicts that you escape more than anything. It is difficult to catch you and understand you, and your mystery attracts and fascinates. Multifaceted, you navigate through life adapting to others and sometimes forgetting yourself too much.

Pisces and Cancer: You live in your bubble, you work in unison, understand each other from half-word. You are sufficient for each other. Sometimes a good mood can lead you to overdo, overspend, and basically borrow from your future with Jupiter's transits.

However, you have Saturn in the same sector much of the time Jupiter is there, helping to keep your feet on the ground. Saturn tends to keep you in check. There is undoubtedly a significant focus on your home and family sector this month. Still, your solar fifth house is building in importance, and areas brought to life are recreation, hobbies, children, romance, dating, pleasure, creative endeavors, creative self-expression, leisure time, and fulfillment through play.

These may not always be smooth areas, but opportunities emerge to make refinements, improve, enjoy, discover, and grow. A Solar Eclipse occurs in this sector of your solar chart on the 26th, prompting significant changes. The desire to improve your life along romantic or creative lines can be compelling now, and the need to start fresh can become evident. Going forward, more opportunities are sure to emerge that serve to awaken hidden or dormant talents, and the ball starts rolling now!

Mars spends the month in your communications sector, motivating you to learn, connect, and share. Do watch for impatience in your communications and movements, but tap into your passion and enthusiasm for personal interests, activities, and movement. Your worlds of creativity, fun, or romance are transforming in , dear Virgo.

While you may need to rebuild from the ground up, you have powerful tools at your disposal and intense motivation to do so! Hobbies, love affairs, children, recreation, artwork, and pastimes are all areas that are transforming in deep, permanent, and positive ways this year. This prompt is likely to begin with a rethink and later evolve to a rebrand! Venus spends extra time, part of its visit retrograde, at the top of your solar chart starting in April, encouraging you to consider the pleasure factor regarding your career, profession, reputation, or pursuit of your long-term goals.

The following month, the North Node heads into the same sector, encouraging further attention to your long game. Love and partnership grow to a new level as you play by different rules this year. You benefit from a subtle but beautiful Jupiter-Neptune transit that supports inspiration, romance, fun, and discovery in a partnership.

Instead, it helps you see the value of giving yourself and someone special a bit of room.

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Falling in love with a person or a special project is likely in At the same time, Jupiter and Pluto join forces in your sector of joy from March to November, and the determination to improve your life through pursuing your joy is powerful. Not much can stop you now! Events and epiphanies at that time alert you to the need to do things completely differently. Fortunately, Jupiter swoops in just two to three months later to meet with Pluto, fueling your ambition to rebuild and improve.

This combination can create a productive time when hunkering down or committing is joyful. You may be combining the responsible and more romantic elements of your interactions very successfully this year. Saturn is slowly making its way into your work and health sector this year, and in December, Saturn commits as a long-term guest there just before Jupiter moves in for approximately a year.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Increased self-discipline and satisfaction are themes in , and it feels good to get your life in order! See also: Virgo Preview Horoscope. You will starve to death before a Virgo decides where and what to eat. They are absolute foodies who love experimenting with food choices.

Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility -

They read too much into everything and wish to extract all the information available about a particular subject. They are great analysts. They usually invent their own world and live in it. When a Virgo is upset, they shut themselves from the world.

Virgo Love Chart

They love being independent and hate asking anything from anyone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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