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Architecture or molecular gastronomy could be the perfect field of interest for them, as well as agriculture or home decorating, but in a modern tone and with new-age equipment. Although thulite is considered to be a stone to primarily serve those who need to speak in front of a crowd, its basic energy helps a person to build connections to other people that are easy and flowing. This makes it an excellent choice for a person born on February 27th.

Uncomfortable social situations can be resolved with the use of this crystal, as it sparks one's enthusiasm for living, extroverted and expressive behavior, and the passion for life itself. A present for a person born on the 27th of February needs to remind them of being at peace.

Although this is an emotion they barely manage to feel when it is there, they will still carry this information in their mind, as if their entire existence is colored by it. Wrap up their favorite, soothing compilation of music, buy some salt for their time spent relaxing in the tub, or choose a scent for aromatherapy that will calm their heart. It seems that you will gain a lot of respect from other people because of your life principles, and this will happen relatively soon after they meet you.

Prepare to read a comprehensive profile analysis in the following rows. The zodiac sign for February 27 is Pisces. This is the symbol of the Pisces zodiac for people born February 19 - March It is suggestive for the capacity to perceive all sides and a lot of intuition and empathy. The Spanish call it Pisci while the French use the name Poissons for the February 27 zodiac sign but the real origin of the Fish is in the Latin Pisces.

This sign as the opposite or complementary of Pisces reveals imagination and notoriety and shows how these two sun signs have similar goals in life but they reach to them differently.

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This is an indicator of the generous nature of those born on February 27 and their vigilance and humor in taking life as it is. This house rules over renewal and completion of all matters. This planet reflects presentation and kindness. It also suggests the dreams component. The name of Neptune comes from the god of seas in Roman mythology.

This element reveals the flair and sensitivity of those born under the February 27 zodiac sign but also their passivity and acceptance at times. Water couples with fire to make things boil, shapes things with earth and evaporates in the presence of air. As many consider Thursdays as the most alluring day of the week, it identifies with the intuitive nature of Pisces and the fact this day is ruled by Jupiter only strengthens this connection.

February 27 Birthday Astrology

People born on February 27 seem to have the life of an artist or at least crave for it. They appreciate fine arts and know how to keep themselves amused. They try to surround themselves with enticing and dignified people to whom they can look up to and from whom they've got something to learn.

They can sometimes be overcome by their egotistic tendencies and isolate from others but most times they are amicable and highly artistic. Romantic and generous, these are the most receptive and idealistic people someone can meet. Pisces people are usually devoted to their loved ones, however they are not very inclined to form a family.

They tend to live their lives in a quite subtle manner. Those born under this sign are also very good natured and have a deep understanding of life, although these characteristics get revealed later in their lives. Capricious frame of mind and rapid to exaggerate what is going on in their lives, these natives would do anything to catch everyone's scrutiny. This is why they are often victims of their own ideals and principles and rarely know when to temper their outings.

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They rely on instinct but often put other things as priorities. They try to make sound and rational arrangements but their emotions get caught along the way. They seem to never rest and this is also how their love life is going. They love dating and meeting new and exciting persons but when it comes to settling down they avoid any kind of attachment. They are attracted to people who are as fun and open minded as them. You can conquer the heart of Pisces if you know how to keep their interest alive.

Try to be a discerning shopper when purchasing necessary items.

Philosophical talks with someone you care about could drive you to be better. This week you could start something new as long as it doesn't disrupt a relationship. You're never going to be happy if you set standards that nobody could possibly live up to. Try to be a bit more reasonable and tolerant in the week ahead. As you glow with the light of kindness and understanding, others will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

This week your words may hold more weight than usual. Your keen eye zeros in on every detail.

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But remember that it's important to treat people well. One or more personal situations could be up in the air, making it difficult to create firm plans or dependable decisions. Since conditions could change swiftly, it is in your best interest to wait until late November or early December to finalize your plans and important decisions. Not only will you be more far-seeing and wiser, but you will have greater support and better guidance from others. Embrace opportunities that come your way, as they could offer some unseen benefits.

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While you should steer clear of investments and business deals in February, it is a good time to display your talents and highlight your skills, especially if you are looking for a new job or position. You will find that February and March are good times to make important transitions and changes. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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