Gemini birthday horoscope march 5

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If your birthday falls on the Gemini side, you probably have a tough time distinguishing feelings from facts because you're a little more sensitive and reserved, and you could have a tendency to project your feelings onto situations. If your birthday is on the Cancer side, you're likely to be a little more detached than a typical Cancer, thinking often about your feelings as you experience them.

Having a personality that tends toward favoring nostalgia a typical Cancer trait , you love telling stories and hearing them.

If your birthday is on the Cancer side, you're a little more outgoing and willing to share your gifts and creativity with the world. You're probably not as shy as a typical Cancer, and you are eager to share your thoughts and feelings with the world at large.

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If your birthday falls on the Leo side, you're a little more reserved than other Leos and are probably more comfortable nurturing the creativity in others. Everything you say and do passes through a filter of self-criticism. You aren't insecure; you're just precise. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your perfectionist characteristics have been lightened up a bit by the silliness of Leo traits, and you're more likely to be more playful and less serious.

If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your logical perfectionism is softened by a dreamy romanticism. If your sun is on the Libra side, you'll be more discerning about the kind of people you invite into your life, and you may have a bit of a judgmental streak in you. You're likely to be a strict enforcer because of your Libran desire for everything to be fair in your life. If your birthday is on the Libra side, you combine your Libran ability to look at every side of a situation with the Scorpio's ability to get down to the bottom of what motivates people.

However, you may be in denial about everything you know since Libras want to think the best of others.

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If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, you're more of an idealist than a typical Scorpio, a sign that is more skeptical of others. You feel things on an incredibly deep level but also have the ability to look on the bright side.

If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, your dark moods are relieved somewhat with an ability to remain optimistic about the future, or at least to keep a sense of humor about it. If your birthday falls on the Sagittarius side, you appear to others as having a bright outlook on the world.

But deep down, you have an emotional understanding of what is really up with people. You know it's not all sunshine and roses out there. If your birthday is on the Sagittarius side, your impulsive need for freedom gets reigned in by a natural practicality and desire for a stable and responsible life. An inspiring new moon in Pisces on March 6 presents a new opportunity for you to pursue your dream job. Your role at work will change in a way that helps your relationships grow in the right direction.

As Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter on March 16 , you'll take a step toward this dream job. On March 20 the sun leaves Pisces and Aries season begins. With the sun in Aries, you are suddenly the life of the party and stand out in the crowd.

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Just after the start of this new season, there is a full moon in Libra on March 21 , which highlights the nuances of your friendships. Are you hanging out with people who you can have fun with, or are you just in it for the status? But wait — there's even more good news, Gem. Once Venus enters Pisces on March 26 , you will be incredibly attractive to everyone with hiring power.

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You can have any career growth you want during this time, so enjoy it. You'll make big impressions. Venus in Pisces is beautiful, and with this placement in your house of fame and reputation, you'll be recognized for your sublime grace and fantastic style. Your willpower skyrockets on March 31 and you'll end your month on an energetic high as action planet Mars enters Gemini.